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PlankX by Toucan-T - Design Textile Flooring for all the Senses

The authentic feel of PLANKX by TOUCAN-T is featured by their photo-realistic CMYK printing. In interaction with their textile structure, the material-typical surfaces are constantly re-interpretable. The quality and aesthetics of lived authenticity are almost sensually orchestrated by the lifelike patina of aged wood, weathered stone or concrete. The spatula optics or graphic effects become concise statements of self-understanding and prepare the floor for distinctive appearances. Through their user defined scenic design of space zones, PLANKX combine functional tasks of architecture with exceptionally independent aesthetics in a previously unknown form. Whether of subtle elegance or expressively abstract – PLANKX by TOUCAN-T gives character to space and provides almost endless space for ideas for designers.

Thanks to high-pressure technology, the textile design floor coverings open up a whole range of authentic wood, stone or industrial floor optics and graphic patterns. This expressive materiality and well-being quality undergoes a new sensuality in the interaction of look and feel. Inspiring design combined with walk and acoustic comfort levels characteristic for carpets,

PLANKX is predestined for representative entrances as well as modern work, meeting or retreat areas: With their almost unlimited range of presentable surfaces, the innovative textile floor coverings allow for any desired degree of accentuation and homogeneity. Even in non-orthogonal space structures, quick laying and minimal waste are guaranteed by their format of 25 × 100cm. PLANKX shall only be lightly fixed to allow reversibility and easy re-installation in renovation projects on existing floors or for designing action areas in shops. Thanks to its recycled content, their special Recyback is environmentally friendly. With additional T-Sonic-equipment designed for acoustically sensitive areas, their soundproofing absorption rates can be increased.

PLANKX by TOUCAN-T brings responses to designers' core requirements of our time at their feet: The optimum efficiency, and enjoyment of life.

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