Quality & Environment

Our manufacturing partners comply with several of the world's most stringent quality and environmental testing and certification systems.  


GUT (Association of Eco-Friendly Carpets)

GUT Enhances environmental and user-friendliness through the entire life-cycle of carpet, from production to installation, from usage to recycling.
GUT continuously raises its testing and environmental standards.
GUT certification is an integral part of PRODIS - the unique European Product Information System for eco-friendly, high quality textile floor coverings.
For further information go to: www.pro-dis.info



PRODIS, the uniform PRODuct Information System of the European Carpet Industry

PRODIS is the first comprehensive consumer information system that integrates information on environmental issues, consumer health and safety topics as well as information on use areas of use and additional characteristics of textile floor coverings.
PRODIS provides reliable information for the consumer and trade and is based on two elements:

  • The GUT certification system for VOC-emissions and chemicals.
  • The FCSS standard symbols for use classification.
For further information go to: www.pro-dis.info





IBU, lnstitut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (Building and Environmental Institute)

IBU certifies consistently, based on international standards, building materials and products to serve as a basis for assessments of the sustainability of buildings.
IBU’s EPD (Environmental Product Declarations) seal is based on ISO 14025 and represents the International certification of “Green Building Systems".
For further information go to: www.bau-umwelt.de



The EN1307 performance standard

It means never compromise on the things that matter!!

The EN1307 standard is a European standard for test and classification of textile flooring and is a 100% physical test compared to the outdated BS7131, where only 40% of the test is physical, i.e. primarily based on mathematical calculations.

Carpets and carpet tiles are put to the test and subsequently labeled according to EN1307 standards. Emphasis on quality gives our clients total peace of mind, as the EN1307 represents the very latest and most stringent official test criteria for wear life. The standard makes it easy to compare products with each other or competing products.

Tests and measurements of durability, appearance retention, fiber retention, colour 
fastness, etc. must always be conducted and the EN1307 requirements should be met in order for a product to be classified. In addition, specific demands are made on carpet tiles.

EN1307 - An assurance to:

• Greater emphasis on physical performance.
• Less dependency on mathematical calculations.
• Measured performance - long term on site.
• Uniformity and accuracy in manufacturers carpet labeling.


FCSS, the Floor Covering Standard Symbols

Textile floor coverings have a number of specific characteristics and are classified in a number of use classes.

In order to make the classification and these specific characteristics easy understandable and recognizable for the consumer, graphic symbols have been developed.

For an overview of symbols go to: www.pro-dis.info/pictograms-and-their-meaning.html

ISO 14001 standard sets out the criteria for an environmental management system. Using ISO 14001 provides assurances to customers that environmental impact is continuously being measured and improving.

ISO 9001 standard sets out the criteria for a quality management system and designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers.

Third party certification bodies provide independent confirmation that organizations meet the requirements of ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.